Full Moon in Scorpio Forecast & Horoscopes

This forecast covers the time period between April 27 — May 10

The full moon in Scorpio will occur on April 27 and will bring with it an energy of releasing, intense emotion and lessons around how you communicate and express your emotions to others.

This energy will feel challenging at times, but this is meant to teach you how to communicate those more difficult feelings you may have, in a compassionate way. Saturn in Aquarius will be squaring five planets including the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Uranus and Venus. So this can create tension when it comes to feeling a need to break free and say what you want to say, but maybe not knowing the best way to go about it or being fearful to communicate from the heart at all.

Saturn will act as the director here so it will guide you towards the most responsible and fair form of expression. With Saturn squaring Uranus, this adds an element of the unexpected and sometimes, this can be the kind of unexpected thing you don’t necessarily want. So keeping an open mind and trying to go with the flow will help you to adapt and accept any changes you may be experiencing during this time.

Keep in mind that the moon is going to be full in Scorpio, so emotions under the surface may be waiting to burst forth and suppressing these may not be the best answer. So finding a healthy outlet for these emotions will be very important for healing yourself and allowing yourself to experience release. With four planets being in Taurus, and Mars being in Cancer, the energy will slow down quite a bit and this will allow you to see things clearly before you take quick action on them.

April 29, 30
Best for releasing karmic debts, learning karmic lessons and feeling a rebellious need to go your own way, pleasant communication between your connections.
Spiritual practices: Releasing work, Shamanic Healing, Cleansing Rituals

May 1,2
Best for slow and steady progress in your career, discovering your individuality, releasing outdated perspectives and mindsets surrounding money and your career.
Spiritual practices: Meditation, Spiritual Baths, Spiritual Home Cleansings

May 5, 6
Best for connecting with romantic partners and dating, allowing your intuition to guide you in regards to love and romance, and learning the difference between your ego-driven desires and your soul-centered desires
Spiritual practices: Kundalini Yoga, Self-awareness, Intuitive Development

May 8, 9
Best for pursuing your life purpose/north node, healing and releasing karmic wounds, becoming more clear and centered on what path you are feeling called to take at this point in your life and creating plans to get that started.
Spiritual practices: Scrying, Divination, Earth Magic, Chakra Healing

*Best Magical Herbs: Sage, Rue, Goldenseal, Lemon Balm
*Best Crystals: Black Tourmaline, Amethyst, Selenite, Rose Quartz
*Best Essential Oils: Eucalyptus, Lavender, Chamomile, Rose, Sandalwood

Candle magic for releasing and cleansing negative energy from your life:
*Black chime candle
*Rue, mugwort and/or sage herb mixed with eucalyptus or lavender oil
*Candle safe plate/surface to burn candle on
*Olive oil/coconut oil/any oil you prefer
*Black tourmaline or any black crystal

Directions: Take the black chime candle and carve what you want to banish into it. This can be something as simple as “negative thoughts” or “negative energy”. Take the oil and rub it around the candle and then roll the candle in the herb mixture. Place the candle in a candle holder and on top of a plate, if you’re using one. Then take the herb mixture and sprinkle it around the candle on the plate, or the surface you’re using. Keep the rest of the herb mixture to sprinkle in and around your home.

Place the crystal near the candle somewhere on your altar. Light the candle and imagine the candle being infused with whatever it is you’re trying to banish and let the candle burn down completely. Discard the candle and herbs which were sprinkled around the candle and carry the crystal with you to protect you from negative energy.

To see how this full moon energy may affect you, check out your horoscope below. I recommend to read both the rising sign and the sun sign, as this can tell you which specific areas of your life you may feel this energetic shift in the most.

Buried emotions coming to the surface to be released. Feeling a need to break free and pursue a new career path, but feeling fear to do this at the same time. Being called to discover a path which is more in alignment with your authentic self. Feeling a rebellious need to disrupt the status quo in regards to your finances, career and home life.

Hidden emotions and subconscious fears coming up within your relationships in order to be cleansed and purified. Feeling a need to rebelliously break-free from certain relationships in your life, in order to focus on your own endeavors. Experiencing a back and forth energy when it comes to wanting to honor the needs of your emotionally connected relationships and the need to focus on yourself.

Feeling a need to make changes within your normal day to day routines in order to create a new energy in your daily life. Wanting to spend more time in solitude and quite reflection. Feeling a need to rebel against the status quo when it comes to your work and responsibilities. Implementing totally new health, exercise and self-care routines.

Feeling a need to explore a creative path which is different than something you would normally gravitate towards. Wanting to change things up in your current social circles or being fearful of expressing your emotions with your friends. Feeling an urge to create more joy, happiness, pleasure and flow in your life, but also feeling pressured to follow societal norms. Desiring deeper emotional connections with your friendships and generally wanting more meaning in your connections.

Experiencing unexpected opportunities for growth and success in your career. Feeling a calling on an emotional level to pursue something in regards to your career, but you may also have fears about how this will affect your family or home life. Needing to create more work life/home life balance and learning how to express your needs in these areas of your life. Feeling called to leave behind your roots and walk a completely different path in your life.

Feeling a deep need to expand your horizons and venture out to new places in your physical world as well as your mental/emotional world. Discovering new philosophies which you may want to dedicate yourself to learning, but possibly feeling insecure to pursue them. Dreaming of moving on from your local area or wanting to relocate somewhere far from where you currently are. This can also relate to hidden emotions coming up within your sibling relationships, which can be expressed in ways which will create deeper bonds.

Emotions surfacing in regards to how you create and maintain stability for yourself in the physical realm. Wanting to create more emotionally fulfilling work and more joy when it comes to your work in general. Possibly needing to restructure your work schedule or your home life in order to experience changes within your emotional self, but also being fearful to let go. Working on releasing fears through catharsis or physical activity may be best to help clear your mind.

Buried emotions coming to the surface in regards to how to properly nurture and care for yourself. Feeling called to possibly change an aspect of yourself, or your personality, which may no longer be serving you. Receiving unexpected communication, epiphany or clarity when it comes to your relationships and family, which may contradict what you’ve been feeling in your emotional space. Truths coming to light within these areas of your life which will help to release pent up emotions and facilitate deep healing.

Feeling a need to shelter and hide your deepest emotional urges as a way to protect your heart. Unexpected shake ups to your daily routines and responsibilities which may cause emotional outbursts. Wanting more time in solitude for quiet reflection and contemplation in order to understand what you’re truly feeling, but having to deal with physical realm duties. This can be fixed by carving out time for yourself to have the reflection you desire, while still being able to maintain your physical world.

Emotions coming to the surface in regards to your friendships and social circle which may feel intense. Feeling a need to escape this through creative endeavors, working or putting your energy into creating things in your physical realm. Talking things out from a place of groundedness and softness can allow things to be said, but in a way where it’s creating growth and stronger bonds between you. Wanting to break-free from the paradigms and mindsets of your current social circle.

Feeling called to leave your roots and venture out on your own path. Possibly wanting to relocate in order to create more emotional fulfillment. Feeling called to pursue your career in a way which is more emotionally fulfilling to you, but being fearful of creating waves within your family unit or home. Finding a nice compromise when it comes to staying true to yourself and your emotional needs, while also honoring the needs of your family and home will be best with this energy.

Deep desires for travel and expansion of your mind coming to the surface. Daydreaming of ways to create more meaning for yourself in your day to day experience. Unexpected local events popping up which will allow you to mix and mingle with your local community. Short distance travel can also happen spontaneously, like deciding to take a day trip somewhere at the last minute. These small, yet exciting, unexpected events may satisfy you on the surface level, but those deeper urges underneath the surface for more expansion will still call to you, at times when your body is not in motion.

Intuitive empath, astrologer and tarot reader who’s passionate about spirituality, magic and self-growth https://theawakenedoracle.com/

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